Excerpts From the Mouth of Ruin (demo)


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Select songs from the forthcoming album "Ancient Tomes"
All songs composed and performed by: Anne K. O'Neill
Artwork and design by: Anne K. O'Neill

This demo is dedicated to my grandmother, JoAnne Hicks, as gratitude in the highest form I have to give for her influence, guidance and inspiring talents and fortitude. Continued appreciation and thanks to: Vince Blank, Tim Call, Phil Kusabs, Evan Mersky, Kelly Hulsman, Manuela Insixiengmay, Joey D'auria, Dav Tafoya, Sara Wood, Casey Lynch, Sulllivan Richard, Joy Von Spain, Jerome Sosa, Aubrie Hilgeman, Vanessa Skantze, Peter Phillips, Atta Dawahare, Dylan Desmond, Stuart Pricket, Erika Kriegsheim, Jay Roth and to any and everyone else who has ever been an encouraging voice and/or has supported me throughout the years. Much love to you all.


released June 1, 2016

Recorded and mixed by: Evan "Maus" Mersky at Red Lantern Studios
Mastered by: Phil Kusabs



all rights reserved


SERPENTENT Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: To Find
What was lost, never found
Hide away I would call
One night of solace feeds you whole
One night of peace a silenced soul

Time is false, but I count and I hope to find
The soundless fate I have already sung, I wade…

In the sea, endlessly
I resign to wind the “Why”s and weave them til they’ve formed
A sacred sieve to sift and hold

Time is false, but I count and I hope to find
The weightless fate I have already weighed, I wait

You have always wandered to wallow
In the brackish brine of yesterday’s sorrow
All those years of fear, the hardened heart hollowed
Can fill again or tumble in
Track Name: All We've Known
Years fall and all we have left are these hands
Sifting sand, the salted poison of our land
And our will has grown strong, but the path to loam’s a road forlorn
Water drowns when light is gone and night is all we’ve ever known

A passing rise above a groundless plane
Before the shrine built to hope in vain
We’ve always known that Nothing soon would gain
Its calloused way, we let it go too long

Skies roar and all we have left is the sand
Pouring now as blood let from sallow handsome
So it seems the echoes drown the notion that we’ve always shown
A faultless stride of weighted stone, but waves are all we’ve ever known

But the tides still draw my eyes, set as blinds that try to hide
The current pushing, pulling
Torn amongst the dead and dying world

And this is all we’ve known
Our hearts turned cold so we can numb our souls
But we still feel the lies we’re told
Track Name: As the Light Slowly Fades
So time is our foe and lover
Inside the heart divides

And try as you may discover
Holding on - the walls collide

And the light slowly fades just to keep on burning
When the light has finally waned your voice carries on

My eyes hold yours and ceaseless wonder
Your might I carry on

Joanne, I can see your face
All those years ago don't feel so far away
And in the distance grown my thoughts go on unchanged
You were the one to show my heart and soul the way
And while you may be gone, your voice remains the same